19th Mar 2020

Hope y'all are keeping safe and healthy. Just a quick update - album work continues and I hope to make final cuts in the forthcoming weeks. I'll release a new single first and then follow up with the new album. More details to follow. Public gigs are out at present but once this blows over, I'll get down to some serious planning. Stay safe, smart and healthy.

8th Jan 2020

Happy New Year y'all! What's that famous saying about the best laid plans of mice and men....or something like that! Anyway I haven't finished writing the new album yet but I am still working on it ...slowly. No live gigs planned yet but I'll have more news on both fronts soon.

25th Oct - OK, so here's the plan at the moment. Really wrestling with doing some live gigs - really want to but feeling a lot of self doubt (a standard early musician issue I believe). I'm working on it though. I'm also writing new material and planning a new album before Christmas (not a Christmas album though!). A lot of my time right now is spent in my new job in Brighton but I'm getting to grips with that and managing to carve out time for music in the evenings. More soon.


13th Sep - Hey all, I've moved to Brighton and am loving it. Such a cool place to live and so much music! UK Country Radio Awards at East Midlands this weekend. I'm too new to be nominated but I will be presenting an award so hope to see you there. JD is on me!

14th Aug - Sorry I haven't updated this for a while now. I've been working on upgrading my guitar skills but it's a slow process to get where I want to be. I've been working on some rock material as well as some more country music but nothing recorded yet. I'm also spending time looking for a new job as I need some income to support my musical aspirations. If you're looking for some music education, check out WaterBear in Brighton - awesome setup, great guys and superb educational offering!


26th Jun - Hi y'all, been a while, sorry. Not long returned from a great trip to Nashville - heard some amazing music and also played a tune or two. What a fantastic place especially Kid Rock's Bar on Broadway - awesome musicians live everyday. I'm heading back to the studio to write some more music - I plan to make this album a bit more rock biased. Will update when I have more. 

30th May - Sorry folks, not been on social or other media for a couple of weeks due to work commitments. Still working on live set material. As a new and unknown artist, it's hard to find dates for shows later in the year however I am working on it. I am heading off to Nashville on Tuesday next week to attend the CMA Fest 2019 and also to have a sniff about the open mic scene/make some connections. Full report when I return. 

10th May - Not much to report at the moment - working on the live music set (originals and covers).

30th Apr - Back from vacation, heavier and jet lagged! Had a great time but ready to get back to music. Going to start working on a gig schedule for later in the year so look out for dates in the not too distant future. Thanks for all the listens and kind words on the new album - hugely appreciated.

17th Apr - New album has been sent to distributors but I have added it to the website early as promised. I am now off to Las Vegas for a break and some fun. Look out for some photos on social media. Enjoy the new tunes and let me know what you think.

12th Apr - The long hours in the studio are now complete - was much harder than I thought it would be! Funny how some days I can nail the vocals or musical parts and then the next day I completely suck! The latter are drinking days! Anyway, album now complete (woo hoo!!) and off to the distributor. All Kinds Of Country will be released on 19th April but will be here on my website late on Thursday 18th. Hope y'all will like it.

5th Apr - Hey folks, well, all new songs are now recorded and apart from a few guitar parts I need to add, the album just needs to be mastered. As you might imagine with an album called "All Kinds Of Country" there are a mix of different styles on there. I'll say more about that later. The final masters should be completed by early next week and then it will be submitted to distributors for release on the 19th April. You'll see more about that on social media. Have a great weekend y'all and have a cold one for me!

27th Mar - Hi y'all, let me just take a minute to say thanks for visiting my page and listening to the music - I surely do appreciate it. It's really hard to break into the mainstream as a self financed independent artist so every little bit of help really means a lot to me. Be sure to follow me as the stats really help for general exposure, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or Spotify - all the links are on the page. Thanks so much again. All my early fans will be rewarded in time. The album is going well and will actually have 10 new songs on it. Big news this week, as you might have seen from social media, was the national UK country radio station, UKCountryRadio.com started to feature my singles in their daily playlists - it's quite cool to hear myself on the radio! Got an appointment with Jack D this weekend so it's gonna be a slow start to next week. Take care y'all. 


19th Mar - I've been working hard on songs for the new album and not much else to be honest. I have finalised 4 new songs so far and am in the process of arranging 4 more. So there will be 10 songs in total on the album (2 singles already issued and 8 new songs!). I'm thinking of calling the album "All Kinds Of Country" as there are a few different styles on there but that's still under consideration. My listening stats across various platforms are growing so thanks to everyone who is listening. I seem to be most popular in the UK and in Canada at present. Can I ask you to follow me/like me on Spotify or whichever other platform you listen on please (as long as you do like it that is!). Hope y'all have a good week.

13th Mar - Had a great time at the Country festival in London (C2C), listened to some good music, met some nice people and had a lot to eat and drink. Now back in the studio working on completing the album. New single appears on this site on Friday 15th so make a note to come back and hear it.

 6th Mar - Hi y'all, been a busy week writing and composing new music for my forthcoming album. Got some real nice tunes coming! I am attending Country 2 Country Music Festival in London from tomorrow until Sunday night. Looking forward to hearing some good music, seeing some new artists and of course drinking some beers! Be sure to say hello if you see me wandering around - I'll buy you a beer! Also got some free download cards for my current single to give away. I'll post some photos on social media during the weekend. Have a good one!


25th Feb - I couldn't get a slot for the new single release before C2C and therefore it is now coming out on 15th March. It'll be on this website first so make a note of the date.




21st Feb - I went to see Slash and Myles Kennedy in London last night and therefore didn't do much today!! My next single is nearing final stages of mixing  and I hope to have it out near the beginning of March before C2C (the huge country musical spectacular) in London. Take it easy y'all. Bobby 

 14th Feb - Hi y'all, just a brief update on what's going on. I am currently in and out of the studio writing, recording and mastering new songs. I want to get a couple of singles out, then an album and then think about a small tour. Watch this space and social media for more on that. Later, Bobby