Bobby Logan - Songwriter and performer (part time producer)

This is the part where I let you know a little bit about me. Well, where can I start...I guess with I was born in Scotland, lived in Texas for a while and am now resident in the moment. I love to travel, experience new things (good for song writing ideas), and meet people. I have traveled to all continents of the world but the US is my favorite.

I taught myself to play guitar, piano, saxophone and bagpipes when I was younger but now I only really play guitar. I am addicted to guitars and have quite a collection - I have sold some over the years and regret that enormously however everyone has expenses to meet and that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I have always been creative and used different outlets over the years to satisfy my creative side. I am a lover of the written word and therefore writing songs is something I absolutely love doing. They are not always good or usable but I have amassed some great notebooks with recorded thoughts that I return to when I need inspiration. I just wish I had started this earlier in my life but that was not meant to be.

My advice to anyone is follow your dreams and try different things - some will work, some won't but at least you will know that you have tried. 

Hope you like the music - there's a lot more to come and I hope to see you out on the road sometime - I am either on stage or at the bar!

All the best,